Where should I stay?

Please see the Logistics page.

Where can I eat?

Please see the Logistics page.

Are there guidelines on how I should prepare my full paper / poster / presentation?

Yes! Please see our guidelines.

Is the free student admission only for students at Columbia University?

Full-time students from any accredited educational institution (secondary & tertiary) across the globe can attend for free! Please be sure to bring your valid student ID, otherwise you will need to pay when you check in.

How do I get an invitation letter so that I can apply for a visa?

Information on visa letters can be found on the Registration Information page.

What happens to my paper? Will you publish it?

Full papers will be published in a book of conference proceedings after the event, unless authors request only their abstract to be included by writing to info@ic-sd.org. Conference proceedings are not considered a peer-reviewed journal. Participants must attend the conference in person and present their work to have it published in the conference proceedings. Participants will have an opportunity to submit a revised paper after the conference, should they wish to update their paper based on feedback received at the event.

Can I attend via Skype to make my presentation?

Unfortunately all participants must present in-person.

Can I mail my poster to you, since I cannot attend in person?

We apologize, but participants must be present to hang their own posters.

I was selected for a poster presentation, can I be upgraded to an oral presentation?

In cases when oral presenters are unable to attend, we occasionally promote poster presentations. This usually does not happen until after August 1st as that is when full papers are due for oral presenters. If you are not notified of promotion, then we have not selected your presentation to be upgraded.

Where is the registration option for presenters?

Presenters register the same as general participants. Information on registration can be found on the Registration Information page.

Are there any funding opportunities to have my travel covered?

We are unable to offer any financial assistance or waive conference fees at this time. In the event that this changes, we will update the website and email all registered participants.

Can I attend ICSD as a member of the press?

For media and press interested in registering for ICSD, or for any other media-related inquiries, please contact info@ic-sd.org. Please include your name, title, publication/organization, and phone number in your inquiry.

Registration is closed. Can I still attend?

We will have on-site registration.