2016 Best Paper Award Winners Announced!

ICSD 2016 is pleased to announce the winners of awards for best papers!

  • Maura Allaire, Informing mitigation of disaster loss through social media
  • Stephanie Bengtsson and Bilal Barakat, Aiming higher: why the SDG target for increased higher education scholarships by 2020 misses the mark in sustainable educational development planning
  • Ozge Karadag Caman, Sustainability in Times of Crisis: Planning Disaster Responses Based on Scientific Data
  • David Collste, Policy Coherence to Achieve the SDGs
  • Rebecka Engström, Connecting the resource nexus to urban basic service provision – Towards an Urban CLEW model
  • Luis E. Gonzales, How productive countries must become to achieve their goals INDCs on climate change?
  • David Griggs et al., Applying Aboriginal Knowledge to Improve Urban Sustainability
  • Uchenna Ijoma, First Thing First, Arguing the Case for the Inclusion of Women in Energy Decision Making Process towards Achieving Sustainable Rural Development in Practice: The Nigerian case
  • Rositsa T. Ilieva, Urban Food Systems Strategies: A New Tool for Implementing the SDGs in Practice?
  • Emmanuel Kofi Zinsu & Maria Gerster-Bentaya, Soil Quality in the Volta Region of Ghana – Reconciling Rice Farmer’s Perception with Scientific Evidence
  • Abby Lindsay, Urban Water Management in the Face of Climate Change: Social Learning, Power, and Practice
  • Jwanah Qudsi, Rebuilding Old Aleppo, Postwar Sustainable Recovery and Urban Refugee Resettlement
  • Lisa-Maria Rebelo, The SDGs in practice: Measuring and managing sustainable development water targets
  • Jasmin Winter, Virtual Balancing Act: Digital tools for decolonization