ICSD Online Code of Conduct

You want to share your ideas, opinions, experiences, or tips? We hugely appreciate your commitment and look forward to your contributions, be it as a comment or a polarizing question. It is only through the open exchange of ideas that ICSD can thrive and make a useful contribution in support of all participants of the ICSD. ICSD offers many platforms for engagement, including Zoom Webinars, Oxford Abstracts, and social media. These spaces allow participants to share information, discuss important topics, and share what might be a valuable tip for others within their field. ICSD staff will be monitoring all comments within Oxford Abstracts. Posts, comments, and questions are published online in real-time and therefore we ask that participants follow the following guidelines. If you have received a comment or message that does not meet these guidelines, please write to us at info@ic-sd.org or send a direct message to the ICSD Organizing Committee directly within Oxford Abstracts. Participants of the ICSD who are unable to follow these guidelines may be removed from our platforms.

BE PROFESSIONAL. Stay on topic. Share thoughts, views, and opinions that apply to the current conversation or discussion thread. Make sure that your comments and questions are concise, on topic, and that you do not interrupt other speakers. Avoid making broad generalizations. Be clear about facts and data versus opinions. Understand and share your assumptions.

BE POLITE. Consider how your tone and volume might be interpreted by others. Also consider what message nonverbal cues (gestures, facial expressions, eye rolls) send. In this space, we are all teachers and learners. Everyone can learn from one another as well as bring their experience to the community. Challenge people respectfully. Please focus your comments on the idea, not the person expressing it.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Egregious or flagrant disregard of these guidelines will not be tolerated. Anyone using profanity, making threats of harm or violence, posting sexually explicit or inappropriate content, or who is considered to be bullying, belittling, condescending, or otherwise hostile will be immediately removed from SDSN projects and/or programs. In the case of threats of harm or violence, local authorities may be notified.