Fraud Alert

SDSN and ICSD are aware of various schemes, being circulated via email, WhatsApp, or other means, falsely stating that they are issued by or associated with the SDSN and/or the United Nations. These schemes may seek to extract money and in some cases personal details from the recipients of such correspondence. Such schemes are fraudulent.

The correspondence, documents, e-mails addresses, and web sites are made to look like they originate with ICSD, and may contain official-looking SDSN letterheads and/or logos, logos or forms of the United Nations, and e-mail or web site addresses resembling the official addresses of SDSN or the United Nations. They may also claim to be journals in partnership with ICSD. The schemes, which have no connection whatsoever with SDSN, take many forms. The only journal ICSD has partnered with is Consilience: The Journal for Sustainable Development.

All information on this event, official registration, and payment of fees takes place at, and all email correspondence will come from an email ending in “” or “”. Any emails or web addresses not matching this are fraudulent. ICSD takes place annually only in New York City and only during September. If you receive suspicious requests for payment or information, refuse them, report them to local law enforcement authorities, and notify SDSN by email.

If you become aware of suspicious correspondence, kindly bring this to our attention by forwarding the correspondence to us.