2018 Best Paper Award Winners Announced!

ICSD 2017 is pleased to announce the winners of awards for best papers!

  • Luca Farnia and Laura Cavalli, Italian Cities SDGs Composite Index A Methodological Approach to Measure the Agenda 2030 at Urban Level.
  • Luciana Miu, Breaking down silos: simulating consumer investment decisions in the multi actor UK retrofit system
  • Pauline Claramunt and Fernando Dowling, Kimeltuwe: Developing intercultural education strategies for Pehuenche communities in Chile
  • Tatiana Gumocio and Saroja Schwager, Inclusion of gender equality in monitoring and evaluation of climate services
  • Steven Arquitt and Matteo Pedercini, Breaking down silos for national SDG planning
  • Kaisa Korhonen-Kurki,Janna Pietikäinen, Katriina Soini, Paula Schönach and Virpi Kuitto, New approaches to implement Sustainability Science – a Case of University of Helsinki
  • Peter Stempel and Austin Becker, Effects of localization on perceptions of storm surge risk depicted in model driven semi-realistic visualizations
  • Julio Rezende, Álvaro Oliveira, and Irani Santos, Sustainable cities and communities: the case study of Natal – Brazil