2017 Best Paper Award Winners Announced!

ICSD 2017 is pleased to announce the winners of awards for best papers!

  • Kristina Baines and Sebastien Buttet, Considering Maya Identity in Economic Development Models in Southern Belize: An Interdisciplinary Approach
  • Sanjay Banerji, Rajiv Prasad, R. Raghu Raman, and Ramanand K. Amrita, Sustainable Development – Road to 2050 – Spirituality – the Missing Link
  • Romy Buchner, Mridula Nair, and Barbara Pinto, Unintended Consequences of Dams and Water Security: An Insight into Women’s Vulnerability and the Spread of Malaria in Ethiopia
  • Karna Dahal, Challenges to accomplish carbon neutrality in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area by 2050
  • Bassel Daher and Rabi Mohtar, The Role of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in Morocco
  • Matthew DiLorenzo, Sid Ghose, and Jennifer Turner, Estimating Baseline Aid to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Carolina Grottera, Williams Wills, and Emilio L├Ębre La Rovere, Consumption Patterns and the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy in 2050 – The Case for Brazil
  • Eric Kemp-Benedict and Emily Ghosh, Downshifting in the Fast Lane: A post-Keynesian Model of a Consumer-led Transition
  • Karlson ‘Charlie’ Hargroves and Peter Newman, Carbon Structural Adjustment: The key to profiting from the low carbon transition
  • Carlos Mataix, et al., UPM campus as a test bed for public policies and social innovation
  • Sara Muir Owen, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions: British Columbia’s Universities Collaborating on Climate Change Solutions
  • Maureen Papas, Water, Energy and Agriculture in the context of Climate Change and the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda – mitigating risks to a sustainable future for Australia
  • Akampumuza Precious and Hirotaka Matsuda, Climate Variability and Diarrheal Diseases: Evidence from Outpatient Data from Uganda
  • Megan E. Schliep, Joseph M. Feinglass, Kenzie A. Cameron, and Juliet S. Sorensen, An Assessment of Radio-Based Education about Female Genital Cutting and Health and Human Rights Issues in Douentza, Mali
  • Renata Serra, Michelle Kendall, and Alexandra Towns, Engaging Men and Promoting Equitable Household Decision-Making in Agriculture and Livelihood Projects