Proceedings From ICSD 2015

These proceedings include the unedited papers from the 2015 International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD), held September 23th and 24th at Columbia University, New York, USA. ICSD is a conference that brings together students, scholars, and practitioners to evaluate sustainable development best practices and solutions in creating a society that can meet the needs of the present generations without compromising the needs of future generations.


Best Papers

  1. Raising Consciousness: The Intersection Between Cultural NGOs and Sustainable Development in the Andean Region
    Susan Appe and Laura M. Milanes-Reyes
  1. Training India’s First Female Toilet Builders: An Argument for Improving Sanitation Through Women Empowerment and Social Inclusion
    Rao R. Bhavani, Christopher Coley, Vidya Nair, Srividya Sheshadri
  1. The Cost of Climate Stabilization in Southeast Asia: A Joint Assessment With Dynamic Optimization and CGE Models
    Carlo Orecchia, Francesco Bosello, Giacomo Marangoni, David A. Raitzer, Massimo Tavoni
  1. An Industrial-Ecology-Based View of the Firm
    Kieran Sullivan
  1. What We Know and Don’t Know About Solutions for Poverty Eradication: Evidence Gap Map of Productive Safety-Net Interventions
    Martina Vojtková, Jennifer Stevenson, Benjamin Verboom, Yashaswini PrasannaKumar, Birte Snilstveit
  1. Potential Structural Health Monitoring Tools to Mitigate Corruption in the Construction Industry Associated With Rapid Urbanization
    Yongchao Yang, Alessandro Cattaneo, & David Mascarenas



ICSD 2015 was organized around 18 themes:

  1. Indigenous Approaches to Sustainable Development
  2. Climate Change and Access to Energy
  3. Education
  4. Examining the Science-Policy Interface
  5. Inclusive Economic Growth / The Role of Business
  6. Governance (Including Peace Building and Justice)
  7. OECD New Approaches to Economic Challenges (NAEC) and the SDGs
  8. Greening Cities
  9. Health
  10. Scientific Collaboration to Achieve Affordable, Sustainable Energy of Humanity
  11. Accountability and Evaluation
  12. International Science-Policy Interface 2.0: Research Coordination in Support of the SDGs
  13. Social Inclusion (Including Gender & Human Rights)
  14. Agriculture, Food Security, and Nutrition
  15. Ending Extreme Poverty
  16. Arab Religion: Challenges and Prospects of Implementing the SDGs
  17. Planetary Boundaries (Including Biodiversity/ Ecosystem Services)
  18. Financing for Development


Indigenous Approaches to Sustainable Development


  1. Indigenous Knowledge the Key to Survival of Life
    Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz
  2. A Three Layered Model for Preserving the Cultural Heritage of Indigenous Peoples
    Adesuwa V. Ero, Oluwabusola Olaniyan, Barbara T. Gardner
  3. Raising Conciousness: The Intersection Between Cultural NGOs and Sustainable Development in the Andean Region
    Laura Milanes & Susan Appe
  4. Cultural and Environmental Sustainability and Development of an Indigenous Design Process
    William Semple
  5. Ancient Technologies of the World’s Ecosystem Dwellers
    Julia Watson


Climate Change and Access to Energy

  1. Achieving Net-Zero Self-Sustainable Households and Communities
    Tarek Alfarra & Ian Chow
  2. Facilitating Access to Sustainable Lighting Among the Extreme Poor in Uganda
    Sarah Baird; Derrick Luwaga, Ben Kerman
  3. Environmental and Health Impacts of Micro-Hydro in a Rural Area of Nepal: A Sustainable Development of a Nepalese Village
    Chiranjibi Bhattarai
  4. Climate Change Awareness and Education in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
    Paul Carr
  5. Drones in Africa? Targeted Climate Change Mitigation in Senegal’s Agro-Pastoralist Communities
    Tzviatko Chiderov & Thérèse d’Auria Ryley
  6. Role of NGOs in Climate Change and Disaster Management: Case Studies from Bangladesh
    Md Manirul Islam
  7. What Could Future Sahelian Cities Look Like? A Proposal for Sustainable Housing in Senegal and Burkina Faso
    Rugiyatu Kane; Desiré Zongo
  8. Development of the National Life Cycle Inventory Database of Turkey
    Aydin Mammadov
  9. Effectiveness of a CO2 Tax on Industrial Emissions
    Cristian Mardones
  10. Review of Vulnerability and Policy Responses to Water Supply and Extreme Rainfall Events in Nigeria
    Olawale Emmanuel Olayide
  11. Exploring the Potential of Community Based Water Resource Management Towards Sustainable WASH Service Delivery and Climate Change Adaptation
    Dayo Olugboye
  12. The Cost of Climate Stabilization in Southeast Asia: A Joint Assessment With Dynamic Optimization and CGE Models
    Carlo Orecchia, Francesco Bosello, Giacomo Marangoni, David A. Raitzer, Massimo Tavoni
  13. Photovoltaic Energy Access on Riverine Isolated Communities in the Amazonas State
    Gabriela Passos Sampaio, Michelle Gonçalves Costa, Eduardo Costa Taveira, Virgílio Mauricio Viana
  14. Comparative Analysis of Environmental Impact Assessment Procedural Reform Efforts in Japan and the EU: Reducing Barriers to Large-Scale Renewable Energy Project Investment Development
    Kim Schumacher
  15. Innovative Approaches to Climate Change: A Framework Applied to Senegal
    Renata Serra; Sarah McKune
  16. The Central Role of Women in Achieving Energy-Related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    Genevieve Smith
  17. Investigation of the Carbon Footprint of Bogazici University
    Merve Tunali
  18. Increasing Climate Information Services for Smallholder Farmers: The Case of Senegal
    Whitney Turientine, Ya Cor Ndione, Irving Chan-Gomez
  19. Small Hydroelectric Power Stations as Promoters of Sustainable Development: The Case of Panambi/RS-Brazil
    Rosani Zachow



  1. Technology for Sustainable Production in Conservation Units of the State of Amazonas/Brazil
    Edvaldo Correa; Nathalia Flores
  2. Information Communication Technology in Rural Schools of Nigeria: Case Study Enugu State, Nigeria
    Nathan David
  3. Girls’ Education and Labour Market Empowerment: What do We Know and What do We Need to Know?
    Dileni Gunewardena
  4. META 4 HESD: Mindful Entrepreneurship Training for Action Through Higher Education for Sustainable Development
    Marcia Harr Bailey
  5. Environmental Education of Women in Agriculture in Southeast Nigeria and Its Implications for Sustainable Development
    Theresa Isife
  6. Empowering Children for Disaster: The Experience of the All India Disaster Mitigation Institute in Child-Centered Disaster Risk Reduction in India
    Catherine Knap & Vandana Chauhan
  7. Sustainable and Green Campus Initiative Student Behavior Survey
    Gulsume Kulce
  8. Behavioural Economics Concepts in Financial Education
    Hanna Laufer
  9. Education and Sustainable Development: ‘Third Mission’ of University of Rome Tor Vergata
    Irene Litardi, Gloria Fiorani, Cristina Mititelu
  10. Educating the Future Generation on Sustainability in the Formal Curriculum Towards Achieving the Global Action Plan
    Noor Adelyna Mohammed Akib, Suzyrman Sibly, Mohd Sayuti Hassan, Kanayathu Chacko Koshy, Kamarulazizi Ibrahim
  11. Trickling Down Youth Unemployment in Nigeria by Leveraging on Entrepreneurial Education
    Abiodun Odunuga
  12. Access to Higher Education in Nigeria
    Grace Offorma
  13. The State of Evidence on the Impact of Transferable Skills Programming on Youth in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
    Kristen Rankin, Annette Brown
  14. Developing Awareness: Exploring the Use of Interiority Work to Increase Propensity for Environmental Stewardship
    Cheryl Re
  15. Education in Emergencies and the SDGs
    Gonzalo Sanchez-Teran
  16. Better Learning for a Sustainable Future: a Systematic Review to Assess the Effectiveness of Education Programmes
    Birte Snilstveit
  17. What We Know and Don’t Know: Evidence Gap Map of Interventions for Improving Learning
    Birte Snilstveit & Jennifer Stevenson
  18. Integrating Knowledge and Competencies Through Applied Research: An Innovative Way to Educate and Train the Sustainable Development Practitioner in the Formal Education Setting
    John Telesford
  19. Early Childhood Development, Education, and Transition to Work (Nigeria Context)
    Shaba Tunde
  20. Improving Sanitation In Schools: A Safe Haven for School Children
    Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu


Examining the Science-Policy Interface

  1. The GSDR Report as a Catalyst for Research to Achieve the SDG’s?
    Patrick Paul Walsh, Richard Alexander Roehrl, David O’Connor, William Colglazier


Inclusive Economic Growth / The Role of Business

  1. Engaging Distant Areas and Beyond: Assessing the Internal Integration of the PROSPER Sustainability Strategy Within Bavaria S.A. 
    Irving Chan Gomez, Victoria Chuong, Matthew Anderson, Rachel Stanton
  2. The Role of the MNE in Inclusive Economic Growth
    John Dilyard
  3. Inclusive Growth through Mass Tourism: Lessons Learned in Punta Cana
    Emma Fawcett
  4. Gender and Economic Development in Ghana
    Babalisk Hamid
  5. The Tropics and the Post-2015 Development Agenda: Lessons from the State of the Tropics
    Sandra Harding, Dennis Trewin, Ann Penny, Mark Ziembicki
  6. Infrastructure for Citizenship
    Diana Méndez
  7. Technology Innovation to Açaí­ Productive Chain Development at the Medio Juruá Region, Amazonas, Brazil: Main Challenges and Lessons Learned
    Gabriela Passos Sampaio, Maiara da Silva Gonçalves, Michelle Gonçalves Costa, Eduardo Costa Taveira, Virgílio Mauricio Viana, Marcelo de Castro Silva
  8. Fostering Social Entrepreneurship for Development. The Case of Kunan: Innovation that Creates Value
    Manuel Silva
  9. An Industrial-Ecology-Based View of the Firm
    Kieran Sullivan, Sebastian Thomas, Michele Rosano
  10. Regional Intra Africa Trade Development: Sustainable Development Policy Tools
    Shaba Tunde


Governance (Including Peace Building and Justice)

  1. City Diplomacy and “Glocal” Governance: Towards a Cosmopolitan World Order
    Koon Hong Chan
  2. Private Firm Governance in the Context of Sustainable Development Goals
    John Dilyard
  3. Environmental Protection, Economic Development, and Social Equity: Fragmentation Among Sustainability Goals and Programs in Phoenix, Arizona
    Lenara Galimova
  4. Common Natural Intangible Heritage of Humankind – A Legal Global Support for Peace and Justice
    Paulo Magalhães


OECD New Approaches to Economic Challenges (NAEC) and the SDGs

  1. Can Risks of Increasing Inequality be Addressed with Inclusive Growth?
    Patrick Paul Walsh, David O’Connor, Mathilde Mesnard, Stephen P. Groff


Greening Cities

  1. Beauty and Design for Human Dignity in Post-Disaster Settings
    John Russell Beaumont
  2. Urban Road Pricing: The Experience of Milan
    Edoardo Croci, Aldo Ravazzi Douvan
  3. Community Integration of Solar-Powered Rubbish Units in Tourist Heavy Economies
    Natalie Koski-Karell
  4. Affordable Housing without Subsidies Can’t Wait
    Carlos Linares
  5. Potential Structural Health Monitoring Tools to Mitigate Corruption in the Construction Industry Associated With Rapid Urbanization
    David Mascarenas
  6. Feeding the Community: The Food Center Model in Urban Areas
    Leah McDonnell
  7. Pacto do Rio, for an Integrated City: Promoting, Monitoring and Accelerating Rio de Janeiro´s Sustainable Urban Development
    Marco Simões, Eduarda La Rocque



  1. Early Childhood Development Strategy for Forest Riverine Communities
    Rhamilly Amud
  2. Maximizing the Contribution of Vaccination to the SDGs and The Grand Convergence – Integrating Multi Criteria Decision Analysis with the Broader Benefits of Vaccination to Align on Sustainable Immunization Strategies
    Gianluca Breghih, Rino Rappuoli, James Kenneth Timmis
  3. Social Inequalities in Health Care: Evidence from Pakistan
    Sajid Javed; Waqas Imran, Huma Dad Khan
  4. Analysis of Zoonotic Pathogen Presence Among Humans, Mountain Gorillas, and the Environment in Bisate, Rwanda
    Tyrell Kahan
  5. Land Use Allocation: A Framework for Considering Health-Relevant Outcomes
    Max McClure, Catherine Machalaba, Carlos Zambrana-Torrelio, William B. Karesh, Peter Daszak
  6. Policy Paper Towards Achieving Health Equity and Sustainable Development in the Indigenous Context
    Oluwabusola Olaniyan
  7. Breaking Through Stagnation – Testing Innovative Approaches to Engaging Communities in Increasing Immunisation Coverage: A Scoping Study
    Subashini Perumal
  8. Transforming China’s Informal E-Waste Recycling Sector
    Patrick Rulong
  9. Developing a Seamless Service Experience for Clients Accessing Health, Economic, Education, and Social Services
    Frieda von Qualen


Scientific Collaboration to Achieve Affordable, Sustainable Energy for Humanity

  1. Social & Scientific Collaboration to Achieve Affordable, Sustainable Energy for Humanity
    David Biello, Søren Hermansen, Jatin Nathwani & Paul Parker


Accountability and Evaluation

  1. The Long Way to Paris and Beyond: A Method for Determining Intended Nationally Determined Contributions
    Inna Amesheva
  2. AidData Pilot Project
    Samantha Custer & Brad Parks
  3. Assessing Sustainable Development Goals
    Carlo Carraro; L Campagnolo, F Eboli, L Farnia
  4. How Best to Measure the Sustainability Activities of Corporations?
    John Dilyard
  5. Measuring Progress: Educational Development for Girls in Kibera, Kenya
    Christina Field & Amanda Traaseth
  6. International Web-Based Consultation on Consumption Patterns for Sustainable Development
    Antonio Carlos Filgueira Galvão; Marcelo Khaled Poppe, Celena R. Soeiro de Moraes Souza
  7. New Conceptual Framework for Sustainability
    Helen F. Foley
  8. Accountability Issues in Nongovernmental Organizations Applying of Quality Management
    Anabell Gonzalez
  9. Empowering Women Through Social Capital as a Tool in Colombia’s Post-Conflict Through the Program Evaluation of the “Escuela de Animación Comunitaria” in Medellin, Colombia
    Maribel Monroy & Carol Mondragon
  10. Using a Web-Based Platform to Promote Solutions for Sustainable Development in the Amazon
    Thais Pinto
  11. Developing Principle-Based Targets and Indicators for the SDGs
    Katie Ross; Kumi Abeysuriya, Cynthia Mitchell
  12. Community-Driven Social Programmes and Environmental Stewardship Across the Brazilian Amazon: A Cross-Initiative M&E Framework for Understanding the Role of Social Learning in Improved Impacts 
    Victor Salviati; Ben Garside, Leandro Pinheiro, Marisa van Epp
  13. Assessing the Impact of Short-Term Volunteers in an Early Childhood Development Intervention (ECD) Program
    Evans Yamoah, Trupti Sarode, & Yodit Tesfaye


International Science-Policy Interface 2.0: Research Coordination in Support of the SDGs

  1. The Role of Science in National-Level Governance Arrangements for SDGs Implementation
    Farooq Ullah, Shiv Someshwar, Belinda Reyers, Måns Nilsson, Norichika Kanie, Maria Ivanova


Social Inclusion (Including Gender & Human Rights)

  1. Cocoa Farming by Women: Steps Towards Achieving Social Inclusion. The Case of the Cameroon Cocoa-Eco Project
    Marguerite Belobo Belibi, Fidèle Honorine Yobo  A Koue, Judith Van Eijnatten, Charles Kacho Tah; Nathalie Ewane Nonga, Rachid Hanna, Mary Bakia, Léopold Aimé Ndongo, Ntiege Hans Sumelong
  2. Getting Started on the Post-2015 Development Agenda: Identifying Positive Community Change Leaders in Cité Soleil, Haitii
    Albert Casella
  3. An Inquiry into the Sustainable Development of Book of Changes
    Lin Chun Yin, Jenn-Bang Shiau
  4. Fostering Change Through Youth Leadership: Leadership Development Training for Young Women in Goa, India
    Kristen Marks
  5. Training India’s First Female Toilet Builders: An Argument for Improving Sanitation Through Women Empowerment and Social Inclusion
    Vidya Nair, Srividya Sheshadri, Christopher Coley, Rao R. Bhavani
  6. Social Inequalities and Countries’ Ability to Cope with Extreme Weather Events
    Frank Neher; Apollonia Miola
  7. Tossed Out and About: Forced Migrations Caused by the Effects of Hurricane Katrina
    Nicole Owens
  8. A Regional Ethics-Based Sustainable Development Model for the WANA Region
    Laylla Rkiouak
  9. The Role of INGOs in the Struggle for Land Rights in Ratanakiri, Cambodia
    Rhea Simms


Agriculture, Food Security, and Nutrition

  1. Water Scarcity and Drought Management Plans as Enabling Elements for Achieving the SDGs in West Asia and North Africa
    Melinda Alfano, Sarabeth Brockley, Magdalena A. K. Muir, Sami Areikat
  2. When Rights Collide: Land Grabbing, Force and Injustice in Uganda
    Padraig Carmody
  3. The Gendered Dimensions of Climate Change: Women, Indigenous Knowledge & Adaptation
    Ayesha Constable
  4. Oyster Farming in Chira Island, Costa Rica: Ensuring Food Security and Sustainability
    Gabriela Polo


Ending Extreme Poverty

  1. Biocommunity: A Multidimensional Approach to address Poverty in Panama
    Her Excellency Ms. Lorena Castillo de Varela; Marlene Stoute
  2. Sectoral Output Growth, Poverty Reduction and Inequality in Africa
    Anayochukwu Chukwu
  3. More Aid to Needy Countries?
    Woojin Jung
  4. The Quest to end Extreme Poverty and Gap Crisis in Politics of Ownership in Nigeria: Lessons for Sustainable Development Goals
    Eugene Ndubuisi Nweke
  5. Improving the Poors’ Small Business Outcomes through Strengthening the Microfinance ‘Group Loan Approach’
    Levy Odera, Heejin Ahn
  6. Cooperatives and the Sustainable Development Goals: The Role of Cooperatives in Poverty Reduction
    Tae In Park
  7. Nutri-Entrepreneurship – Soydoy
    Diana Puerta
  8. What We Know and Don’t Know About Solutions for Poverty Eradication: Evidence Gap Map of Productive Safety-Net Interventions 
    Martina Vojtkova


Arab Region: Challenges and Prospects of Implementing the SDGs

  1. Looking Into the New Development Paradigm: How Does the Arab Region Fair Against Others?
    Khalid Abu-Ismail
  2. Institutions and Political Dynamics in the Region: Evolution, Present and Future Scenarios
    Tamim Al-Barghouti
  3. Social Justice, Inequality of Opportunity and Their Perceptions in the Arab Region
    Vito Intini
  4. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: An Arab Regional Reading
    Roula Majdalani
  5. Economic Growth, Employment and Poverty: Future Policy Challenges for the Region
    Niranjan Sarangi


Planetary Boundaries (Including Biodiversity/Ecosystem Services)

  1. From Local to Global: Building Partnerships with Indigenous Communities in the Tourism Sector to Strengthen the Governance of Biodiversity Creating Inclusive Opportunities 
    Adolfo Arguello Vives
  2. Sustainable Development of Water Resources in Bangladesh in the Context of Planetary Boundaries and Environmental Performance Index
    Md. Khalequzzaman
  3. Planetary Boundaries and Peacebuilding: Separating Myth from Reality
    Marc Levy
  4. Urban Green Areas as Sources of Ecosystem Services for Human Well-Being. Management Proposal of Urban Parks Engativa, Bogota
    Masiel Pereira
  5. Economic Activity within Planetary Boundaries (PBs): The Industry Related Link Between Stratospheric Ozone Depletion (SOD) and Climate Change (CC)
    John Telesford


Financing for Development

  1. The Present Value of Future Generations: Prioritizing Public Spending for Sustainable Development
    Juan Chebly
  2. Analyzing the Coordinated Impacts of Climate Policies for Financing Adaptation and Development Actions
    Elisa Delpiazzo, Parrado Ramiro, Standardi Gabriele
  3. Governance of Development Assistance: Issues and Challenges
    Sitlhou Lhoukhokai, Navreet Kaur
  4. Fit for Purpose Metrics to Guide Global Action for Climate Resilient Development Within the Context of the New Sustainable Development Goals
    Apollonia Miola, Catherine Simonet
  5. Aggregated Risk Management of Index Insurance Portfolios in the Tropical Developing Countries
    Pradipta Parhi
  6. How Can Value Capture Strategies Unlock Desperately Needed Funds? Getting Serious about Sustainable Transport Finance
    Danielle Petretta
  7. Chinese Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Guinea: The Prospect of Sustainable Development
    Diallo Mamadou Saliou Kokouma