Host an Affiliated SDSN Event!

Join the online, global ICSD community by hosting an affiliated event!

Host a Stand-Alone Event: Organize a lecture, panel discussion, book signing, film screening, concert, service project, or other event to raise awareness about the SDGs in your community. The possi-bilities are endless, and you will not be constrained by time zone issues! Affiliated events will be listed on our website.

Host an ICSD Watch Party: ICSD will be live-streamed. Find a room with an internet connection and a projector, and host a screen-ing party to watch ICSD keynote addresses, panels, and presentations! You can even join the Q&A sessions online to make your voice heard!

Participate Online in Real-Time: Get your group in front of the live stream with a webcam, and join us virt-ually! You can watch the program remotely, and we’ll even put your feed onto the big screen in New York! Throughout the program, we’ll cut to those watching around the world! Note: you will need a reliable, wired internet connection.

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